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UAE expat.. Work for a Dubai based travel company, love travel, food (cooking and eating!), admire entrepreneurs, huge Saints FC fan - COYR
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🦁🦁🦁 come on lads bring it home #ENG
Mon 18 Jun 19:09
@mattletiss7 plenty of potential clients for penalty coaching #WorldCup2018 #legod #saintsfc
Sat 16 Jun 18:03
@garyr70 You know it mate!! I've also got a #KSA vs #PAN final as a prediction, any chance :-)
Sat 16 Jun 12:57
What did I tell you...He's pure class?!?... ha ha #FRAAUS
Sat 16 Jun 12:41
#FRAAUS Pogba again, don't get it?! never have done, he will probably get the winner now with this vote of confiden…
Sat 16 Jun 12:29
@garyr70 Interesting 2nd half in store mate... not quite as entertaining as Egypt v Uruguay :-) ha ha ... Portugal still to win it
Fri 15 Jun 19:57
@SouthamptonFC pleased with this decision... it's well deserved and best of luck to Sparky... you've got us all tog…
Sat 26 May 04:40
Sat 12 May 08:47
@garyr70 Cheers mate an expected 1st half... got to go for it if still the same 20mins to go. Hope all ok with you?…
Tue 8 May 20:37
My team 'may' go down, so what- they're my team.. always have been and alwys will be.. 😙 love #saintsfc but I have…
Sat 31 Mar 16:52
@garyr70 Happy Birthday mate! Hope all well... new season nearly upon us :-) COYR and COYG
Fri 28 Jul 15:08
Love (and miss you) London
Sun 4 Jun 04:50