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@dunibear @mollysixpence Lovely dogs great nature and incredible loyalty. George is three so I’m hoping for a lot o…
Tue 11 Jun 08:38
@dunibear Wow a beautiful dog 😍
Mon 10 Jun 22:03
@dunibear Good luck with that one I only went for a look at them and this happened!!!!!!! George 😍
Mon 10 Jun 21:36
@jplavoo Hi jack I’ve just finished a round with my new m4s and they are brilliant! I’ve got some atmos shafts whic…
Mon 20 May 12:16
Cabinet Office: Give Francis Benali a Knighthood - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Fri 17 May 23:02
On my return home this evening ,I have now had time to study and reflect on the game today . I have come to the con…
Sun 30 Dec 22:02
@Saintsmadmomma @StormHour Ha ha I never enjoyed him in any month!!! Up the saints.
Fri 14 Dec 20:29
@Saintsmadmomma @StormHour Ha I did think I was pushing my luck! Please let me know when the next publication comes…
Fri 14 Dec 20:20
@Saintsmadmomma @StormHour Hi Rachael, fantastic picture again. I was wondering if you had done a calendar shoot for next year ? Cheers phil
Fri 14 Dec 20:12
@pinsi1608 @RollingStones @SouthamptonFC I think I should be getting copyrights#rattling boys!!!!😬😂
Wed 30 May 08:07
Gareth bell he wants to come home #saintsfc!!!!😂😂
Sat 26 May 21:50
@RuthiePollock Lol I had the same sinking feeling #number 1
Sat 26 May 21:34
@lisalaatona Good stuff, they sell them in Nando’s I think , but not as good as the ones in Portugal, enjoy um come on the saints 😇.
Sun 8 Apr 09:52
@lisalaatona Pastel da nata , Portugal custard tart . Not sure how you spell it mind , but they are fantastic warm with coffee 😀👍
Sun 8 Apr 09:45
I want to win a signed #Gabbiadini shirt. Tell @Sure your fave player & you could win a shirt too! #NeverMoreSure
Wed 8 Nov 16:26